Our Integrated Supply solution was developed to help clients set-up and manage inventoried items following receipt within their facilities. Most companies invest in alternative systems to manage crib inventories. DSSI's Store Room™ application is fully integrated into our Epic® application allowing replenishment orders to be processed seamlessly from the same item master catalog.

Store Room™ is a corporate-wide MRO inventory management solution provided within DSSI's Epic® e-Procurement platform. Clients quickly benefit from standardized work flows, on-line inventory visibility and the flexibility to accommodate individual store room/crib requirements. Store Room™ maximizes MRO inventory management efficiency while minimizing inventory levels and associated costs, boosting the client's bottom line.

Epic's Store Room™ module provides users with the ability to requisition items, obtain approvals and track the entire process and physical flow of goods online. Users can designate an item’s reorder method to best fit its usage pattern. Items can be re-ordered by setting min/max levels, designating a dynamic re-order point via safety stock, defining a fixed re-order point or placing on-demand orders. Also, critical items rise to the top of the queue for immediate re-order. The application is configured with the client's approval and accounting structures allowing costs to be tracked and managed consistent with established requirements.